They all got into the taxi at once.

I could see you marrying him.

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Love is a game where the first one who suffers has lost.


He got his watch fixed.

It happened by accident.

The impossible was achieved.

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I think I have a decayed tooth.

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We have to lighten the load.

There is very little difference between one man and another; but what little there is, is very important.

It is believed that there is no life on Mars.

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Dan could not adjust to life outside jail.

We celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary yesterday.

Thanks for coming over tonight.


I met Venkata on the street.




The left hand should not know what the right hand is doing.


In case of an emergency, what number should I call?

I also agree with Janice.

I asked after my sick friend.

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I am by no means satisfied with my present income.

You should be in your quarters.

Angela never learned to drive.


Ellen doesn't know when Meeks left.

My mother anticipates all my desires.

Belinda turned on the faucet and washed his hands.


Because his family traveled from place to place, Cesar Chavez attended more than thirty schools as a child.

When you come to Hawaii, I'll show you around.

With flour, milk and an egg, one can bake a cake.


Amir walks through a very classy neighborhood on his way home from school.

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Will could hurt himself if he's not careful.


He turned out her father.

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Be very quiet.


When was the last time you took the children to the beach?

Sometimes he spends time by himself.

Father vouched for his friend.


Before they let us use the software, we had to sign a confidentiality agreement to say we would not release anything about it to the public.

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Suu and Amanda stopped and picked up a hitchhiker.

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He'll never beat me in a battle of pure strength.

He had the privilege of a private education.

They kissed each other.

I think this is perfect.

Pour me a glass of wine.

A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.

Let's stop for ice cream.

It was a sublime scenery.

At the moment I am not thirsty.

Are you sure it's impossible?

Pratapwant isn't too smart.

He uses extreme care when he drives in the rain.

The sentence does not win a prize for beauty, in my opinion.


Lorenzo has been arrested more than three times.

What does that mean exactly?

Fake clowns are terrorising people in France.


Your wife left.

Amigo waited to hear from Nathaniel.

Snow prevented the transport in high places of the country.

Frank was the last one to get here.

Leo always checks to verify that no dyes are in any food he buys.


Do you have an alibi?

Get a move on!

Data from Hubble are relayed to the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) that is in a geosynchronous orbit above Earth. This satellite relays the data to a terminal in White Sands, New Mexico.

A portion of the island was destroyed by the massive waves.

Oh well, everyone makes mistakes.

We delayed the meeting for a week.

She is putting some salt in the potato soup.

Are you staying for dinner?

I assumed you might be hungry so I brought some sandwiches.


Someone's in the shower.


I'm looking for her.

You ruined it.

"This looks pretty interesting," Hiroshi says.

Black is a very common color for shoes.

What evidence do you have?

We haven't had a price increase in the last five years.

He works at this company from Monday to Sunday.


Evelyn wants to buy an eight-track player to put in the car his grandmother gave him.

Being alone sucks.

She's an excellent brain surgeon.

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They're in the garden.

You don't need to answer right away.

Nicolette lived to be 97 years old.

We had hardly waited for five minutes when the bus came.

He began to eat his breakfast.

I never ask for this.

Free refreshments will be available.


It seems like he knows the secret.

Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils.

Toufic asked Ethan where she wanted him to put the bag of dog food.

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I can't pinpoint the problem.


It took you long enough to get here.

No, I won't do that.

Harold didn't see what happened.

We need a car.

We're still checking.


If you mate a horse with an ass you will get a mule.

Skeeter didn't want to admit he had a drinking problem.

Dana and Sandy haven't eaten yet.


I felt very awkward.

You got here late, didn't you?

Thierry says he's read all of these books.

I need someone to hold me and tell me everything will be alright.

The first item he bought was an alarm clock.


Yuriko is planning to move into the furniture business.

You have a good reputation.

Patrice needs a ladder.

Huey accidentally shot Kelly.

Miriam was hoping the committee would adopt his proposal.

You shouldn't tell Raj everything.

Do you know why Spencer left?

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I don't know when I'll see Graham again, but I'm sure I will.

Is it OK if I open the curtain?

Gunter was disappointed in Hiroyuki's performance.

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I borrowed Betsy's phone this morning.

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Pandora is hesitant.

What did he do to my meat?

They are leaving for Tokyo tomorrow.

This problem demands immediate attention.

Put your hand down.

I'd be happy to tell them.

I think I can get Seenu to listen to me.

How did you get invited?

That could be helpful.

Those men were armed to the teeth.

And finally, twelve points to Estonia!

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Sophie, who was hungry, ate everything that she could get her hands on.

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Charlie is an ambitious young woman.

I'm fairly sure I'm right about this.

There are a lot of bridges in this city.

You will not receive the gifts.

Let me pay for the dinner.

Don't talk to me while I'm working.

It's a surprise.

It upsets me to have to listen to the same thing over and over (and over) again.

Erick and Oscar both remained fairly calm.

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She was sleepy.


Maybe I could like this.


Don't you miss that?


On January 27, 1967, the cockpit of Apollo 1 caught fire during a practice countdown. United States astronauts Edward White II, Virgil Grissom, and Roger Chaffee died in the fire.

Would you both be quiet, please?

Lyndon didn't tell me what the matter was.

This apartment is too big for one person.

My brother's going to kill me.


There's no rest for the wicked.


She's your friend.

Marty didn't think it would happen.

What are we paying for?


This building is very narrow.

Tandy sustained minor injuries when he was struck by a car on the pedestrian crossing.

Our research indicates that such outcomes are becoming more common in this age group.


Margot hurried out of the building.

Someone must have left it there.

A child is not a mature person.

She is not herself today.

They watched their chance.