Turn away thine eyes from me, for they have overcome me.

I can be there in 30 minutes.

Dan arrived at the maximum security facility on January 2.

Why did you leave the class yesterday?

The words are windows, or they are walls.

That's got to make a difference.

Natto smells awful but tastes delicious.

In a democracy, the people elect their government officials directly.

There are several choices.

Do you still need a loan?

I want to see exactly what's happening.

The man is using the landline to call.

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Your sudden appearance surprised me.

I got the ticket for free.

Tell me truly what you think.


This car is spacious and practical.


She's an outlaw.


The Americans surprised the Germans.


The guests were waited on by a highly trained team of young staff.

I haven't heard from her.

Although she practised every afternoon, her tennis didn't improve at all.

How much is it worth to you?

Danielle usually gives Mac a kiss goodbye.


Let me tell Marvin first and then you can tell Vladislav.


How many books have you read so far this summer?

To a large extent this is a healthy attitude to have.

Ronald knows what he wants.


It's our job to make certain Pradeep doesn't do that.

Both of them hugged me.

His words excited everyone, even the opposition.


Tell Vilhelm he has to do everything Kimberly asks him to do.


Some people like baseball, others like soccer.


This is the car I spoke of the other day.


I've got a lorry.

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You hate psychiatrists, don't you?

Please stop living in ignorance.

Everybody liked us.

I often read books.

You wanted me to get a job, so I did.


How soon can I meet him?

I believe you believe that.

Lex knew what Lewis was doing.


He is anxious for her news.

Do not bother to come to my home.

She has a neighbor who arrived from Japan.

I will come up with a solution to the problem.

Why do you think soccer isn't popular in the US?


You've probably seen that already.

Clarence set about solving the problem in a systematic and determined way.

Roderick knows what Randall did three days ago.

Don't worry guys, I've got this.

The door was kicked open.

Music is her passion.

Miltos is a security guard at the airport.

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No one knows their name.


Shawn doesn't like hot food.


Is that a challenge?

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"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything ?" Vincent van Gogh


Come on, Spudboy, show us how it's done.


This bridge has become our national icon.

It was no accident.

Everyone knows and loves this holiday.

I have big dreams.

Panzer is madly in love with Suu.


I want to learn how to play the guitar.


Do you know what the risks are?

Chinese women are very difficult to understand.

Can you do anything to help Fritz?

You know, many a man realizes late in life that if when he was a boy he had known what he knows now, instead of being what he is he might be what he won't; but how few boys stop to think that if they knew what they don't know instead of being what they will be, they wouldn't be?

I have got three hens.

He asked me to write him a love letter in Arabic.

When I return I want everything to be prepared.


Have you ever considered getting rid of some of this junk?

I haven't been avoiding you.

The girls bought him a watch.


He sought to be rich and famous.

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I live in a very quiet neighborhood.

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Sugih begged me to go with her.

Defense wins championships.

I just heard about what happened to Vassos.

I don't think that's very likely to happen.

He hid behind the tree.


Roll the dice.

Damon has no idea what to do with all the junk in his garage.

The island's unique flora and fauna must be protected.

I'm grateful to you for your help.

On the contrary, I'd never say such a thing.

Words express thoughts.

A rabbit has long ears and a short tail.

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Someone should've called the police.


That's the cause of his failure.

Could you please tell me your room number?

He is somewhere about.


I have the power to find out when someone is reading my mind.

But it is specially evil that the young maiden folk are exceedingly bold of speech and bearing, and curse like troopers, to say nothing of their shameful words and scandalous coarse sayings, which one always hears and learns from another.

Tell me how you did it.


They left before the end of the performance.


You are accountable to me for his actions.


He is probably angling for an invitation.

Her horse doesn't respect her.

Dan was the first to arrive.


Mike, is this book yours?

Halley's Comet will come back in 2061.

Hurricanes are violent storms.

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Wilson is only going to have one chance to do it right.

Are you here to negotiate?

I can't speak Kannada.


Jiro could not act otherwise.


You don't think that's going to happen, do you?

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The machine has stopped working.

The place is invested with an air of mystery.

We should give Sunil a raise.


Men's courses will foreshadow certain ends, to which, if persevered in, they must lead. But if the courses be departed from, the ends will change.

Bunnies are very cute.

I need to know more.

Kazuko bared her breast and fed the baby.

I'm honored to know you.

You have a really big day ahead of you.

He gives it to John.

Few people are on a first name basis with the president.

Kathy hired a new secretary.

Have fun! See you in an hour.

Kenton bought a Geiger counter.

Does anyone here know what time the meeting starts?

Whoever wants to come to my party may come.

She can come along again anytime.

Allowing robots to take their own decisions can be dangerous, because they can turn against their owner.

He was contemplating the water of the pond.

I don't try to please everyone.

How good are you guys?

We set out when the rain had eased.

Don't be difficult.

The bill amounts to 500 dollars.


I often go fishing in the river.


We are good at music.

Yes, it's there too.

I'm pretty sure Winnie's biased.

Elias knew what Ira was planning to do.

Plastic finally got his wish.

Long, long ago an old couple lived in a village, and, as they had no children to love and care for, they gave all their affection to a little dog.

Do you think Kory loves Betty?

Everybody in that family has a car of their own.

My husband and I will travel to Versailles in the spring to watch an opera.

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Don't brush me off.


I've already watched this film on the telly.


I was trying to take it easy.


If your books have not come, take ours.

Nathan is cheating on his wife.

You can leave if you want.

His family was very poor; consequently, they couldn't afford to spend money carelessly.

This isn't about him.


What good is that?