I forgot to tell you the babysitter's name.

Excitement over the new product spread quickly throughout the division.

She won't come to class tomorrow.

That wasn't my question.

If "every rule has at least one exception" is a rule, then at least one rule has no exception.

I gave him a warning, but he took no notice of it.

I've done that.

John, come to me!

This won't make the matter any easier.

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Wendi sometimes stays up late at night.

I thought that I told you to stay where you were.

Why don't you share it with me?


Sony ambitiously revealed its newest project early in order to take competitors by surprise.


You don't have to be discouraged because you are not a genius.

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"How serious is Roxanne's sickness?" - "We should fear the worst."


I can play chess, but I can't play checkers.


At any rate, I did my duty.

What's the other condition?

We should make the most of every opportunity in our life.

Nicolas wanted to know where Ernst was.

She is talking.

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There was something simmering between her and her mother-in-law.

I don't want Trey to forget me.

Do you really think I want to go back there?

He only drinks that brand of beer.

The government will have to take drastic action to solve the problem.


Everyone stopped speaking when Olof entered the room.

I was glad to hear the news.

Am I ever wrong?

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They began walking toward her.


Now I want to talk a bit about the European Union.

Thanks for coming over tonight.

She devoted her entire life to the study of physics.

It's beyond me!

Who chose you?


Have you dug up the potatoes?


He speaks German, not to mention English.

Is Raghu a good son-in-law?

They can carry on their conversation tomorrow.

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I'm not having this fight again.

Write only your family name in capitals.

I bet you'd make a great father.

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She's wearing sunglasses.


Are you ready for your big date?

Did you approve of this?

That would be ridiculous.

Stevan was dazzled by Po's good looks.

He is eager to please.

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Australia is not a republic.


How many apple trees do you have in your orchard?

You need to share with your brother, Nelken!

There is no fact so uncontroversial that there is not someone, somewhere, who denies it.

What can I tell him?

Don't give up your day job.

Everybody wanted me to do it.

What is your favorite music group?


This is the first time I've ever scolded a student.

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They watered their horse.

I want to find out what it really is.

It will be better for us to hurry if we want to catch the bus at six.

Lady Otohime gave Urashima Taro a beautiful Tamate-box.

I took one class, but I've found that real-life experience is much more useful.

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Her eyes were flooded with tears.

Japan consists of four major islands and over 3,000 small islands, and is about equal to California in area.

For once, I agree with Mara.


Plastic doesn't know whether to believe Elwood or not.


Hurry up, and you will be in time for school.


Trigonometry studies relationships involving lengths and angles of triangles.

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You have to climb an exhausting 100 steps up the hill before reaching Harv's house.

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Diane doesn't even know my name yet.

It takes the Sun about 230 million years to make one complete orbit around the Milky Way.

Linda claimed in her letter that she ran off to get married.


Would you mind taking me back to my hotel?

I'm not going to kiss you, Lowell.

I was unable to attend the party, nor did I want to.

Negligence is a type of damage or offense.

I want to get a fix on local culture.


Please correct the following sentence.


What kind of relationship did you have with Sigurd?

I don't know what Jarmo thinks.

Low-cost gyms don't actually want the body-builder types.


I want a low table.

Be like the palm tree - the more it gets pressed by the cliff, the quicker and more beautiful its rise to the top.

It's fun to go out with him.

I arrived just in time for the plane.

How did you find out where Dwayne was?


Ramesh is probably buying a bus ticket right now.


Are our borders secure?

There are some things we can change if we only try.

The process is important.

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Generally speaking, men are stronger than women.

I can't think of anything else to say.

Mario helped himself to a cup of coffee and a donut.


How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.

He accepted gifts from them.

My father bathes before eating.


Do you think I'm getting fat?


He speaks English a little.

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Nobody could tell us anything.

Come close, young heroes!

Nicolo was exhausted when he got home.

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"July is the eighth month of the year, right?" "No, that would be August, my favorite month."


Carisa asked me to go with him.

The company took advantage of applicants by offering them low wages.

You have to control yourself.

He was educated by her grandfather.

Ronald was on TV.

That's neither a crow nor a raven, but a magpie.

I bought these for them.


Turn off the light.

What exactly did you have in mind?

That's what will happen.


I like science fiction better.


The bank will cash your fifty dollar check.

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Let me not be wronged.


That's a generous offer.


I've got to study.

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I hate myself and I want to die.


I told you where we'd gone.


He's sleeping off last night's bender.


He acquired education late in his life.


How old were you when you did that?

I'm not sure what else I should do.

My goal is to own a home before I'm thirty.


Which present shall I take to the party?


Get rid of Jacob.

An old worker was found repairing machinery in the workshop.

The earth is a tomb.

Those and Curtis are going to get married on October 20th.

Tommy never said that he wanted to leave.


Take it to her.


Space laughed at his own joke.

Shankar's a teacher, right?

Nici disappeared into the restaurant.

If you still don't know about the project, enter to our site for more information.

I'm going to study my ass off.


He is a viler human being (if you can even call him that) than I could've ever known.

That doesn't sound very profitable.

They established a Japanese language class for the refugees.

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Hillel and Liz just sat there staring at each other.

He is a foreigner, as is evident from his accent.

I don't want to have to do this.

No one believed that.

I wonder why women don't go bald.